To pivot means to turn or rotate, like a hinge. In life, we may find ourselves needing to pivot— personally, professionally, spiritually, etc. A pivot emerges from the desire and need for change. To pivot is not to admit defeat but to shift our methods of progression—same vision, same goal, different paths to get there. Pivots offer new opportunities to strive for things we never imagined possible, a new beginning to a life we always wanted.

Communicable disease

From soap operas to personal essays, COMMUNICABLE DISEASE documents and discusses the ways COVID has been depicted in media. Using the pandemic as portrayed by pop media, this piece explores intimacy with misery—how intently does Grey’s Anatomy take us into the pandemic? How close does Best Canadian Stories 2021 bring us to the sadness just under the surface of the everyday? Do we have a responsibility to experience anguish or be liberated in the escape storytelling-under-fire affords us?

inhabiting habits

Have you ever heard the expression, “In my next life, I will…” 

But why wait for the next life when this life is already in progress?

Maybe the answer is in our habits. INHABITING HABITS breaks down the psychology of ha-BITs and how they can work to help or hinder personal pursuits. In this piece, Michelle explores how she began shining the light on her own negative habits and started asking difficult questions to create her own fulfilling reality.

The Writer who hates writing

After three years in the Professional Writing program, Suha realized that she had stopped enjoying what she once loved the most: writing. It had become nothing more than a task that she had to do, not a task she wanted to do, and this experience was not unique to Suha alone.

THE WRITER WHO HATES WRITING addresses the root of this issue, from the pressures Suha placed on herself to the pressures she felt from within the Professional Writing program. Metanoia is Suha’s return to true writing—no restrictions, no pressure. This piece of writing is entirely her own.