Meta(magnitude): Catalyzing Cracks and seismic spaces on the self(ves)

We all dream of running away. 

Some escape by dreaming fragments of memories stitched in between the fabric of time, while others yearn for an emergency exit from the loom that weaves life. Others would rather sink into the silken rabbit hole, watching through a kaleidoscopic cage of regret. 

But the metanoic movement that drives our destinies has a life of its own. It rips through the fabric, its magnitude reaching beyond– catalyzing the cracks in our lives to uncover the seismic space of time and memory.

We invite you on a journey “through time and space”– the intervals of moments and memories– to (re)enlighten, (re)discover and (re)think the self(ve)s and the world around us.   


GROWING PAINS is an examination of Zarin’s past self(ves), the person(s) she is now and who she really wants to be when she grows up. And that’s the issue: growing up. Each identity she bears, she must shed like a snake sheds its skin; it is uncomfortable, painful, and nostalgically reminiscent. For when all is said and done, she must move on: to the next page, the next chapter, the next sentence, the next word. How will she write about the present and the future if she is stuck in the past?

time well spent

TIME WELL SPENT explores the middle, the space in between where you were and where you think you should be. It dives into the complications of transitioning from childhood to adulthood and how this odd, disorienting time can make you feel like you’re the only one experiencing it. And as a result, how easy it is to become trapped in your own mind during it. 

This piece is Emma attempting to escape.

emergency exit

EMERGENCY EXIT is a collection of memories, reflections, and revelations. Fear in the mind of a child, untreated and festering, grows into a disease that devours the man. Escapism is addictive, and sometimes we escape into our worst nightmares.

can you find the flowers on the paved road?

CAN YOU FIND THE FLOWERS ON THE PAVED ROAD? takes you on a journey through, across, and in-between time and space. It explores the (re)reflecting and (re)returning to the special month of April. This piece travels along the ever-moving waters of regret and nostalgia surrounding us where we are stuck. It seeks to burst the “bubble,” transforming the raging waters into calm yet powerful streams of (re)thinking—to simply pause,  re-discover, and re-be. As the flowers always return in the April spring, you also have a purpose in the return.  

Follow along, and experience the moment of melancholia to metanoia.